Latin American Philosophy of Education Society

The diversity of populations in Latin America and the region’s political, cultural, and economic achievements and challenges have all uniquely shaped education philosophies and practices within the region. Likewise,a variety of education philosophies and practices within the region have had enormous sociological, political and economic impacts on the region’s populations. There exists within Latin America a rich tradition of philosophies of education for the most part unknown and unexamined in the United States. LAPES seeks to introduce to a wide United States audience knowledge about Latin American philosophies and theories of education by providing scholars, students and practicing teachers opportunities to study in collaborative fashion the diverse collection of philosophical and theoretical works on education produced in Latin America.

A central premise of LAPES is that by studying Latin American philosophies of education scholars, teachers, and students can expand their own ways of theorizing education as well as develop techniques for improving educational practices in the United States. To advance this premise, LAPES aims to make resources available to individual and collective parties interested in inquiring into Latin American questions on philosophy of education, through professional development activities and other intellectual events. It is our hope that over time LAPES will come to include a diverse membership of scholars, students and teachers from the New York City area as well as beyond who are willing to examine Latin American philosophy of education in a collaborative manner.