Latin American Philosophy of Education Society

Members of LAPES will find, curate, and translate 3-5 previously published articles, book chapters, essays, etc., in Spanish and/or Portuguese into English every year. These articles will have been previously unavailable in English and will be made available on our website. LAPES will work with existing organizations to solicit, distribute, and publish previously untranslated texts. LAPES also aims to create a “special session” at its bi-annual conference in which newly translated works will be discussed.


LAPES Translation Project 2014

Walter Omar Kohan’s The Inventive Schoolmaster: Simón Rodríguez (Sense Publishers 2015)


Translator contact information  For information regarding possible translation projects, contact any of the following translators.

Jason Thomas Wozniak,
Ana Cecilia Galindo Diego,
David Isaac Backer,