Latin American Philosophy of Education Society

Jason Thomas Wozniak (Co-Director) is a Lecturer in the American Studies Department at San Jose State University and PhD Candidate in the Philosophy and Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition to studying Latin American philosophies of education, his research focuses on debt, temporality, and the formation of indebted subjectivity. Most recently, Jason translated (with Vicki Jones), and wrote the English introduction for, Walter Omar Kohan’s The Inventive Schoolmaster: Simón Rodríguez (Sense Publishers 2015).

Cecilia Diego (Co-Director) is a PhD Candidate in the Philosophy and Education Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. 

David Isaac Backer (Co-Director) is Visiting Assistant Professor of Social Foundations of Education at Cleveland State University. He studies educational communication and social change. His personal website is here.


Ariana Gonzalez Stokas (Co-Director) is an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Guttman Community College at the City University of New York. She received her PhD in Philosophy and Education from Teachers College Columbia University. Her research is in the area of decolonial aesthetics, with a particular focus on the imagination in colonial institutional contexts and Studio Based Learning as a form of pedagogical resistance to neoliberal reforms. She uses arts based research methods to explore the topic of the lacuna of intellectual and cultural contributions from marginalized voices in academic spaces. Most recently she has founded the Lacuna Museum ( Ariana's most recent written work is on the role of teacher education in the epistemic suppression of Puerto Rican philosophies of education. She is currently at work on a manuscript that explores José Antonio Aponte's "lost book of paintings" as a historical example of the significance of aesthetic pedagogies to epistemic revolution and to liberating the imagination from coloniality.

Tomás Rocha (associate and assistant editor of  Lápiz) is currently a first-year doctoral student in the Philosophy and Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University.